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VIP Ice Cold-Warm Pack Ice Reusable Bag Hot Water Bag for Injuries, Hot & Cold Therapy and Pain Relief Multi Color & Design (Hot/cold pack 9 inch)

  • The VIP Ice Cold-Warm Pack is a reusable bag designed for hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and injuries. It measures 9 inches and is available in a variety of colors and designs to suit individual preferences.
  • The pack can be used for both hot and cold therapy, depending on the need of the user. For cold therapy, the pack can be stored in the freezer and used to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. For hot therapy, the pack can be filled with hot water and used to soothe sore muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce stiffness.
  • The VIP Ice Cold-Warm Pack is made of durable materials that are safe for use on the skin. The pack is easy to clean and reusable, making it a cost-effective solution for those who need frequent pain relief.

Overall, the VIP Ice Cold-Warm Pack is a versatile and convenient tool for managing pain and injuries, and its multi-color and design options add a touch of style to its functionality.

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